Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2008 Spring Meditation Challenge-Victoria Zen Centre

Hello Friends,


The Victoria Zen Centre's
2008 Spring Meditation Challenge
Sunday, April 6 to Saturday, April 26, 2008

We all know that consistency in our meditation practice is important.
To this end, we invite you all to accept the Challenge!

You choose your own level of commitment:

Level 1: Minimum 15 minutes each day.
Level 2: Minimum 30 minutes each day.
Level 3: Minimum 60 minutes each day.

The rules are:

1. One point is scored for each day that you meet or exceed the time you've
committed to.
2. Even if you sit for longer than your commitment, you only get a maximum
of one point per day.
3. To count as part of the Challenge, each sit needs to be at least fifteen
minutes long (so Level 2 can be broken up into 2x15 min, and Level 3 can be
broken up into 4x15, 2x30 min, 3x20 min, etc.).

It doesn't matter where you sit, or what time of day you sit. It also
doesn't matter how much time you sit on any given day above your Level.
The important thing (in this challenge) is to consistently sit every day.

SO...If you sit for two hours in one day, but don't sit for the next two
days, then you only get one point. However, at Level 1, if you sit for
fifteen minutes each day for three days (for a total of forty-five minutes),
then you would get three points because you are sitting consistently each

In the Summer Challenge the sangha collectively accumulated a total of
656 points, and in the Autumn Challenge we amassed 610 points. Let's see
what we can do this Spring!

To register for the 2008 Spring Meditation Challenge, please email
with your name, telephone number, email address,
mailing address (if you would like a certificate of participation), and
which Level you would like to be in.
QUESTIONS? Email challenge@zenwest.ca or call 250-642-7936.

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