Saturday, November 03, 2012

Online Orientation to Zen Practice

"For over twenty years I had read book after book on the subjects of Zen and Buddhism, but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew all that reading was not enough. I was not DOING. The 'Orientation to Zen Buddhist Practice' course was that huge nudge I needed to get myself truly participating and practicing." - Seishin Susanne Ledingham
Discover the impact that consistent Zen practice can have on and in your life! The Victoria Zen Centre now offers a comprehensive Orientation to Zen Buddhist Practice training package to help you develop a stable Zen practice, no matter where you are.

Once the program has been completed, your knowledge and physical Zen practice should be well established enough for you to begin formal practice with the Victoria Zen Centre, and the experience you gain through practice will also ease your entry into virtually any other Zen or Buddhist group you choose to engage with.   

Online Training Materials
The online course is structured as a gradual and progressive four-week program, utilizing online videos, audio files, and a practice journal. Course materials are available at and are free for you to use any time, as often as you like, and to share as widely as you wish to. These resources are made possible through the generous support of the Members and Associates of the Victoria Zen Centre.

Course Support
In addition to the online materials, we also offer one-to-one Course Support. By registering for support, you will receive a once-weekly, 30-minute Skype support meeting with one of our training guides for each of the four weeks of the Orientation program (for a total of four meetings). These one-to-one sessions provide a forum for discussion of your experiences as you engage in the the program, and an opportunity for support and feedback from experienced practitioners regarding the challenges of establishing a consistent Zen practice.

Participation with a training guide is not required to access the online course materials, but is a requirement for completion of the Orientation to Zen program (a pre-requisite for further training with the Victoria Zen Centre).

To register for Course Support visit or email

Practice Assessment
When you have completed the Orientation to Zen program, if you wish to as a next step undertake further training with the Victoria Zen Centre or become a member of the VZC, you must first complete a formal Practice Assessment. This can be done online, or in person. When you register for a Practice Assessment you will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct your assessment.

To register for a Practice Assessment visit or email