Sunday, February 25, 2007

Victoria Zen Centre~Fundamentals of Zen Practice*

(Alternating Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm March 8th, 22nd and April 5th, 19th)

If you are interested in deepening your commitment to Buddhist practice, but are unsure of what to do next, the “Fundamentals of Zen Practice” programme will provide you with the opportunity to explore the ceremony of Jukai, which is commonly considered formally “becoming Buddhist”. The Jukai Ceremony consists of four distinct aspects, each of which is introduced and discussed in an intimate environment of friendship and community. The four aspects are;

  1. Sange (repentance/purification).

  2. Taking the Threefold Refuge.

  3. Receiving the Five Sila (precepts).

  4. The Four Bodhisattva Vows.

At the Victoria Zen Centre, the Jukai Ceremony takes place upon the successful completion of the “Eldership Programme”. Taking part in the “Fundamentals of Zen Practice” is a wonderful way to discern whether pursuing the path to Eldership is of interest to you.

*Completion of the Introduction to Zen Meditation Course or an Orientation Consultation is required to enrol in the Fundamentals Programme.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Victoria Zen Centre~February 25th, 2007 One-Day Intensive

A reminder that Sunday February 25th, we will hold our monthly one-day intensive. The schedule runs from 6am-5pm, and includes chanting, sitting, walking, meal practice, and a period of care taking. Eshu gives a Zen talk during the mid-morning sitting, and conducts one-on-one meetings with each student. The cost for the day is $40 and includes two meals. (All fees for one-day intensives are included in advanced membership).

Please contact the Centre no later than Friday February 23rd if you would like to attend.

*Orientation by way of Consultation or Introductory Course is a prerequisite for Zen Training at the Sooke Zendo.