Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Buddhist WebSite

*Dear All*
We are delighted to announce the launch of the first ever Buddhist Web 2.0 Powered Social Bookmarking site - Karmacino. The 'Digg' of Buddhism. Vote, submit, share and discuss on the latest Buddhist media, news and teachings from around the world.

The aim of Karmacino is to provide open, user driven content relating to Buddhism of all traditions, and also be accessible to non-Buddhists and other people of other religions. Updated daily, there are categories of News, Teachings, Science & Arts.

There are already several hundred stories in the archives built up over the last few months highlighting recent Buddhist world stories - from the Burma protests to the Dalai Lama's controversial US visit.

Karmacino is also the perfect place to watch the teachings of many popular monks and Buddhist teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh and Ajahn Brahm.
As the popularity of Buddhism rises in the West, the Science world is now taking meditation practice more seriously as both a health benefit and a means of understanding the mind. Karmacino's archives hold some impressive, recent research studies. And have you noticed how the more modern science discovers, the closer it gets to what the Buddha taught?
The affect of Buddhism in the world is increasingly reflected in the Arts. The TV documentary 'The Boy Who Lived Before' is an amazing, scientifically based study on a case of reincarnation, available to view through Karmacino.

In Film and Music too, stories about the award winning film 'Buddha's Lost Children' to interviews with Radiohead's Thom Yorke and the influence of Buddhism in his life, are recent submissions by users to Karmacino.
All of the content is submitted and rated by you the user, providing the first fully democratic system of sharing and networking with Buddhists globally. Visit Karmacino and see what Buddhist media and stories the world is talking about right now.
You can start by finding out how to use Karmacino:
The concept and people behind Karmacino
Located on opposite sides of the world, both Sol Hanna (Perth, Australia) and Glenn Marshall (Belfast, Northern Ireland) have been long time enthusiasts of Buddhism spreading in the West and the use of technology to advance this.

Sol, a teacher, historian and former novice monk, and Glenn, an award winning computer graphics artist, have merged their skills and experience in a unique way to create Karmacino.

The name was conceived as a fusion of 'Karma' and 'Cappucino' - and apt description perhaps of a Buddhist's 'middle way' lifestyle in today's world.

It was also a pointer to how the creators envisioned people using the site: sitting down with a cup of coffee to find out about the latest from the Buddhist world.

Getting the logo and artwork right was important also. The graphic creation of a Bodhi leaf and a Coffee/Latte embodies the 'Karmacino' philosophy, but also steers away from religious symbolism and gives the site a unique, fresh, modern aesthetic.

The graphics and artwork are a good example of Glenn's skills in 3d and 2d digital graphics, enlivening the idea of modern Buddhist art on Karmacino's facade.

Sol, who guides the technological and WWW strategy of the site, is passionate about keeping Buddhism up to date with the latest internet technologies, connecting and networking like minded people around the world.

Both Glenn and Sol met online and through their discussions discovered that they shared a common vision to use emerging web technologies to connect Buddhists across the globe regardless of nationality or tradition. With inspiration they created their own modern Buddhist website to help monks and Buddhist leaders have their teachings shared and distributed via web 2.0.

Thus Karmacino was born, the 'Digg' of Buddhism - where users openly and democratically share their discoveries of great teachings and inspirational stories, so that they may benefit and help each other on the modern, spiritual path.

Glenn & Sol.

(Apologies if this email has inconvenienced you, you are not on a mailing list, this is a one off message announcing the launch of the site, thank you.)