Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tibetan Monks at UVIC

At 3:00pm on Sunday Oct 18, the Tibetan monks will perform a "sang-sol" ceremony in front of the Art Gallery. A "sang-sol" is a purification ceremony conducted with the aromatic smoke from burning juniper branches.
At 7:30pm on Friday Oct 23, the UVic Students for a Free Tibet will be hosting a presentation of the monks playing Tibetan instruments, performing sacred dances and doing demonstrations of monastery debating. This will be held at the new First Peoples House at UVic, located between University Centre and the quadrangle. General admission is $15, seniors/students are $10. All proceeds will be donated to the monks home monastery.
See for the web site of the monk's tour and for the AGGV web site of the monk's visit to the gallery.

The monks will share in a percentage of the entrance fee, which will go to the support of their monastery in India.

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