Monday, May 21, 2007

Mahasangha ~ Zen and the Shakuhachi

Alcvin Takegawa Ramos, Shakuhachi Master and founder of Bamboo-In Shakuhachi Retreat Centre will present a talk about the origins and history of the Shakuhachi Flute, it's relationship to Zen Buddhism and it's use as a method of awakening. The audience will also experience the music of the Shakuhachi in a recital by some of Alcvin's students.

WHAT: Shakuhachi Lecture and Recital

WHEN: Sunday May 27th, 2007 at 1:00pm

WHERE: University of Victoria Interfaith Chapel

COST: Admission is by donation.

About the Shakuhachi Flute:

The ancient 5-holed, vertical bamboo flute of Japan called the shakuhachi has a history much veiled in mystery. With roots that span back millennia to middle and near east, with much of it in China, the shakuhachi made its way into Japan in the 6th century. First used as a court instrument in the gagaku orchestra, it went underground for hundreds of years to re-emerge in the 16th century when Buddhist monks transformed it into a tool for meditation and self-discipline used also by samurai warriors as a replacement for their swords. For several centuries the shakuhachi was used as an adjunct of self- realization and enlightenment which gave rise to the core of shakuhachi solo sacred music called "honkyoku" (original pieces) which were inspired by meditative practice (zen) and communion with the natural environment. Honkyoku forms the basis of shakuhachi music and spirituality and expresses the true beauty of the instrument.

About Alcvin Takegawa Ramos:

Alcvin is a unique shakuhachi musician who is keeping the tradition of learning and playing the koten honkyoku (original zen pieces for shakuhachi) strong while exploring and expanding the boundaries of the instrument. Born and trained in Japan, Alcvin is the foremost teacher and performer of shakuhachi in Canada. He was the first non- Japanese to win a prize in the all-Japan Shakuhachi competition and received his shihan (masters) license from one of the greatest shakuhachi masters in history, Katsuya Yokoyama. In 2003 he and his wife opened the Bamboo-In Shakuhachi Retreat Centre on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Alcvin is involved in many activities dedicated to the learning of shakuhachi. Being an avid practitioner of Zen and student of Buddhism, Alcvin doesn't make the separation between zen, shakuhachi, and musical practice. Alcvin believes the shakuhachi to be the gate to the inaudible, mystery of the Universal Body, the All experience.

This Event is Sponsored by The Victoria Zen Centre, and Interfaith Services of UVic.
For more information contact Ven. Eshu
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