Friday, June 30, 2006

Mahasangha~Summer Meditation Challenge

Monday July 17th- Sunday August 6th, 2006

We all know that consistency in our meditation practice is important.
To this end, we invite you all to accept the Challenge!!

The rules are simple:

1. One point is scored for each day that you sit.
2. In order to qualify, each sit needs to be at least fifteen minutes long.
3. The Challenge lasts for twenty-one days.

Each of you is asked to choose your own level of commitment;

Level 1: Minimum 15 minutes each day.
Level 2: Minimum 30 minutes each day (1x30min or 2x15 min)
Level 3: Minimum 1 hour each day (1x60min, 2x30min, 4x15min or any combo=60min)

It doesn’t matter where you sit, or what time of day you sit. It also doesn’t matter how much time you sit on any given day above your Level. The important thing (in this challenge) is to consistently sit every day.

If you sit for two hours in one day, but don’t sit for the next two days, then you only get one point. However, at Level 1, if you sit for fifteen minutes each day for three days (for a total of forty-five minutes), then you would get three points because you are sitting consistently each day.

To register for the 2006 Summer Meditation Challenge, please respond with your name, telephone number, email address, and which Level you would like to be in. Contact Eshu or phone (250)642-7936

Please invite friends and fellow practitioners to join in. In the Spring Challenge we reached a total of 541 points together. Lets see if we can beat it!

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