Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seeking Book Donations for Prison Library - Meditation & Yoga

Want to help make a difference in your community? If you have gently used paperback meditation or yoga books or magazines, we are seeking to expand the library for prisoners at the Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre (VIRCC) who are engaged in the Path of Freedom program.

VIRCC is a maximum security remand centre for adult men in Victoria. VIRCC has run mindfulness meditation courses in the past and is now offering on a regular basis the Path of Freedom program. The program, developed by the Prison Mindfulness Institute (formerly the Prison Dharma Network), includes mindfulness meditation, emotional intelligence skill building, communication skills, conflict resolution, and various resourcing skills grounded in the context of mindfulness-awareness practice. The program is presented in a nonsectarian manner and is open to participants of any faith and/or those who do not identify with a particular faith tradition. Participants develop greater self-awareness, improved impulse control, greater social awareness and relationship, communication and leadership skills that will give them a new vision for their lives and how they could contribute to their communities.

If you can donate softcover books or magazines, or want to donate cash for the purchase of books and magazines on our wish list, please contact

Please note that hard-cover books cannot be accepted.

Thanks for considering this request!

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