Wednesday, August 04, 2010

New Translation of Dogen's Complete Shobo Genzo Now Available

Dear Dharma Friends

As the Associate and Translation Editor of this new translation: Shobo Genzo: Zen Master Dogen's Treasury of the True Dharma Eye, edited by Kazuaki Tanahashi (Moon in a Dewdrop, etc.) I'm very pleased to let you know that it is now available for ordering at a pre-publication discount if you order before August 20,2010.

Shambhala Publications produced a beautiful two volume boxed set for this 1300 page text. Please take a look at:

Here is some of the material Shambhala is making available about this translation:

A vast, beautiful translation of the Shobo Genzo, the master work of the Japanese genius Dogen Zenji.”—Peter Matthiessen (Muryo Roshi)

Available August 20, 2010.
Pre-order now and save $35!
Use coupon code TTDE35 at checkout.
Offer expires 8/20/2010.
List price: $150
Price with code: $115

We’re delighted to announce the arrival of this milestone in American Zen: a complete translation of Dogen Zenji’s masterwork, Treasury of the True Dharma Eye. The translation was done by a team made up of some of the most prominent teachers of Zen in the West, under the leadership of Kazuaki Tanahashi, and is accompanied by maps, glossary, lineage charts, and other materials to enhance understanding. This beautifully produced, two-volume, boxed set will be a treasured addition to any Zen student's library. It is available only though our website—you won’t find it in bookstores.

Praise for the new translation

“At long last! A discerning, poetic, and, intimate rendering of Dogen’s true expression of the dharma. Dogen’s devotees have long awaited Tanahashi’s complete translation of the Shobo Genzo into a contemporary and deeply profound version. Those new to the wisdom of this great teacher as well as those who treasure him will delight in the extraordinary work by our foremost translator and interpreter of Dogen’s masterpiece.”—Pat Enkyo O’Hara, Abbot, Village Zendo, New York

“Kaz Tanahashi, a renowned translator of Dogen and noted artist, has put together an outstanding team of co-translators to create a complete rendering of Dogen's magnum opus, the Shobo Genzo. This publication, which will be in great demand by all scholars, students and practitioners of Zen Buddhism and Eastern thought more generally, is both accurate and accessible in following the original text literally while capturing the spirit of Dogen's poetic genius. Although there are numerous versions of the work available in English, this new edition is sure to be the one turned to and cited consistently by knowledgeable readers .”—Steven Heine, Professor of Religious Studies and Director of Asian Studies, Florida International University

“Reading over Treasury of the True Dharma Eye: Zen Master Dogen’s Shobo Genzo, I am astonished first by the incredible range and variety of Dogen's writings, and second by the immense task that has been done to translate this major text. With the possible exception of Hakuin's complete writings, there is nothing in Japanese Zen to equal the immense breadth and depth of Dogen's work, which ranges from direct instructions in simple language to the most complex and profound teachings that use words to go far beyond words. I am convinced that Zen students will find this text especially valuable to contemplate, study and absorb over the entire course of their lifetimes.”—Stephen Addiss, author of The Art of Zen

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