Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reconnecting to Life

Reconnecting to Life, with Jackie Larkin and Maggie Ziegler, 7th Annual Residential Retreat
Saturday, November 8 - Tuesday, November 11, 2008
New Location, Glenairley Centre for Earth and Spirit in the lovely Sooke Basin.
$440, scholarships available

This popular retreat welcomes everyone who cares about our planet and all its beings and our scholarship program ensures accessibility. This is a time for social justice and environmental activists to slow down for a few days and connect to their own passionate hearts, and with with others who love this world with its extraordinary challenges of climate change, environmental degradation and human suffering. It is a time to find refuge and renewal in our hearts, in nature and in community, and to find ways forward which are heart-felt, thoughtful and sustainable.

Jackie Larkin and Maggie Ziegler are active in labour, social justice and environmental movements. Both have extensive facilitation experience and have co-facilitated Reconnecting to Life retreats together for many years. Their work, inspired by the writings and mentoring of Joanna Macy - eco-philosopher, activist and workshop guide - also integrates a wide range of diverse experiences and influences.

For registration and scholarship information, contact Jackie Larkin at or Maggie Ziegler at

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