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The Wall of 1,000 Buddhas~Victoria Zen Centre

The Wall of 1,000 Buddhas

Background and purpose:
At the Victoria Zen Centre, it is our vision to be a dynamic community and sustainable environment for the practice of living Zen in our families and in our world.

We are committed to realizing this vision by offering:

  • Training for many non-residential members, and a few residential members.

  • A variety of inclusive activities for the Sangha and broader community.

Since 1980 the Sangha of the Victoria Zen Centre has grown from just 10 members, into a thriving community of practice with more than 500 individual practitioners taking part in our programmes and activities in 2007 alone.

In order to realize our vision fully, we believe it is imperative for the Victoria Zen Centre to be sustainable, and to establish a permanent place of practice and training in Victoria, British Columbia.

To this end, we are establishing a Wall of 1,000 Buddhas. The Wall of 1,000 Buddhas is a fundraising initiative aimed at making our Vision a reality. It is based on the understanding that you - our donors, and the act of Dana (selfless giving), are the foundation of our Zen practice, and of our community. If we are to realize our vision, it will be as a result of our donors, and we believe that your generosity deserves to be acknowledged.

Contributing to the Wall of 1,000 Buddhas will provide a lasting reminder of the practice of Dana. We will create a symbol of our community working together to realize our common vision that will be experienced by all that enter the Victoria Zen Centre in the future.

Your help is needed! Please help build the Wall of 1,000 Buddhas!

All funds raised will go first to meeting the Victoria Zen Centre’s operational costs, and then towards the eventual purchase of property for the Victoria Zen Centre.

We will be inaugurating the Wall of 1,000 Buddhas as part of our celebration of the Buddha’s Birthday on Sunday May 25, 2008.

Details of the Wall of 1,000 Buddhas:

  • Based on the amount of an individual donation, a Buddha figure of the corresponding size may be placed on the Wall of 1,000 Buddhas:[1]

  • For each donation of $100 the donor can place a Buddha figure 4” in height or smaller.

  • For each donation of $1,000 the donor can place a Buddha figure 8” in height or smaller.

  • For each donation of $10,000 the donor can place a Buddha figure 16” in height or smaller.

Creating a personal connection and relationship with the Victoria Zen Centre is an important aspect of this project. Therefore, we recommend that each donor select and acquire the Buddha figure that they wish to place on the Wall of 1,000 Buddhas themselves.[2] However if time, distance, or circumstances make this impossible, at your request, we would be happy to select an appropriate Buddha figure on your behalf.

If you would like to donate and contribute to the Wall of 1,000 Buddhas, please contact the Victoria Zen Centre by telephone, post, or email, or you can give online through the “Canada Helps” link under the main menu on the left side of our webpage. Simply note that your donation is for the Wall of 1,000 Buddhas.

[1] The Victoria Zen Centre is a federally registered Charity, and will issue a receipt for all contributions received with name and address information through December of each year.

[2] Figures may represent any Buddha or Bodhisattva. The Abbot and Board of the Victoria Zen Centre reserves the right to determine whether a particular figure is appropriate for display.

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