Friday, September 14, 2007

Non Credit Buddhist Courses at UVIC

Pali for Beginners-Part-1

Since the time of the Buddha, generations of monks and nuns have transmitted the Buddha’s teachings orally in Pali. Still used in the Buddhist countries of Southeast Asia, Pali is a rich, rhythmical language.. Learning to chant the precepts in Pali , and learning by heart verses of the Dhammapada, is a powerful way to deepen one’s spiritual practise. In this 10-week course we will explore the history of Pali, look at the language and uncover the many layers of meaning in such words as Kamma, Dhamma and Nibbana.

Date Wednesdays October 10th to December 12; 19h00-21h00

Zen Meditation for Better Living

Health and well-being benefits can result from the practice of meditation. Zen Meditation goes beyond critical or chronic life circumstances to include healthy relationships and spiritual well-being. Zen strives for mindfulness, inclusive of the ordinary and the acute. Stillness reveals patterns, the habitual reflexes of the mind and body. Mediation is the recurrent opportunity to reset some of those defaults. Develop a deeper appreciation of how meditation can fit into and add value to your life.

Date: Tuesday October 2nd - November 6th: 19h00-21h00

What is Tibetan Buddhism

According to Buddha all unhappiness, sickness and disease can be viewed through understanding the causes of suffering.. Buddhism’s underlying concepts are methodical, and simplistic to practice with implications for greater health, happiness and inner peace. The focus of this course is to outline and impart this knowledge within the context (art, artifacts, photographs and videos) of the Tibetan culture Techniques will be offered that will adi in developing balance, compassion , well-being, happiness and peace.

Date: Saturday December 1st 10h00-17h00 1 session only

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