Friday, August 11, 2006

Mahasangha~Wandering Hermit

Happy Contemplative Buddhist Hermit Affiliated with Birken Forest Monastery
Seeks Suitable Abode to Practice
Ideally in or near a forest/park, basic shelter with access to bathroom and kitchen. Will consider locations in concrete jungles of cities if clean, quiet, and safe. Can share space, expenses.

  • Will abide peacefully in Noble Silence and solitude, in meditation, practicing Loving Kindness, cultivating a good heart, studying, writing and contemplating Dhamma, and practicing yoga;
  • Can help you custom design a healthy lifestyle leading to well-being based on simplicity, spiritual practices, exercise, and diet;
  • Can house-sit, cook, clean, hike, bike, drive, shop, edit and write, listen compassionately, engage in wholesome conversation, be a Dhamma Buddy, a Kalayana Mitta “to go”; can tutor English, sciences….;
  • Will travel including overseas (I am a Canadian citizen);
    Fall and winter; flexible time period;
  • Enquiries and offers to Anagarika Amin/Jotiko at

About myself
In June 2002 I left Ottawa (my home for many years) and the worldly life to pursue a spiritual life as an 8 precept steward (anagarika/samana) at the Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery. From about August 2004, I entered a new phase in my spiritual life spending half of each year at Birken and the other half as a wandering spiritual hermit. This has been a richly challenging and rewarding experience.

My spiritual mentors include Bhante Gunaratana (Bhavana Centre, W. Virginia), Ajahn Viradhammo (Tisarana, Ontario), Ajahn Sona (Birken, BC).

This document composed in consultation with Ajahn Sona.


  1. Contemplative. Literally, a person who abandons the conventional obligations of social life in order to find a way of life more "in tune" (sama) with the ways of nature.
  2. A recluse.
  3. A religious seeker living a renunciant life. Originally from the Sanskrit term for “one who strives,” the word signifies someone who has made a profound commitment to spiritual practice. Ajahn Chah usually translates the term as “one who is peaceful.”

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